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SIGGRAPH for Peace

Emerging computer graphics and interactive techniques open new perspectives for essential contemporary issues like health, environment, and peace. Digital innovation can provide new forms of sustainable impact for society and business. SIGGRAPH for Peace welcomes an amazing lineup of guests and contributors for a unique, one-hour session to discuss new perspectives, meet with world leading personalities, and learn from real-life cases. This event is dedicated to all SIGGRAPH attendees, in addition to the International Pavilion. Be part of the journey, enhance your potential, and get involved in new projects to build a better world!

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Monday, 29 July, 12:30 pm MDT

Special Event: SIGGRAPH for Peace

SIGGRAPH for Peace is a unique event open to all SIGGRAPH participants — engineers, exhibitors, artists, and visitors alike. Discover how the world of computer graphics can foster new solutions for a better future via a panel discussion featuring prestigious guests:

  • Yves Daccord: CEO, International Red Cross; Chairman, Principles for Peace
  • Yannis Ioannidis: President of ACM, Professor of Informatics & Telecom at University of Athens
  • Andres Burbano: SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair
  • Dr. Béatrice Harlev (Hasler): XR Researcher and Pioneer in VR-based Conflict Resolution

SIGGRAPH for Peace features audiovisual contributions from:

  • Moon Ribas: Artist; Co-founder, the Foundation
  • Jean-Marie Guéhenno: Faculty, Columbia University; former Under-Secretary-General, the United Nations; President, International Crisis Group
  • Video Truth Detective Game: Truth Detective, by Studiozb (Switzerland)

Moderator: Nicolas Henchoz, SIGGRAPH 2024 Global Diplomat Chair, Director of EPFL+ECAL Lab, Switzerland

At the conclusion of the event, participants will be offered the option to engage with new international working groups defining disruptive digital innovation strategies for sustainable impact in health, environment, and peace.

Connect in the Exhibition

International Pavilion

At SIGGRAPH, do you plan to reconnect with colleagues from your own country? Are you seeking new opportunities for your career? Perhaps you are looking for a space to discuss and interact with cultural content in a disruptive way. Visit the International Pavilion in the SIGGRAPH 2024 Exhibition, where you will discover a welcoming environment inclusive of representatives from several countries.

At the center of this pavilion, discover and interact with the Open Books Installation from the EPFL+ECAL Lab and the Photo Elysée Museum in Switzerland. Delve into an exceptional photobook collection, and jump between books and visual sequences thanks to interaction design research and AI tools. The installation features a special book selection curated specifically for SIGGRAPH 2024 by the museum’s curator, covering peace, conflict, health, and environment — core topics of the Global Diplomat’s initiative.

This installation shows how design research can take advantage of emerging technologies to conceive new digital experience with sustainable impact, providing effective implementation of disruptive services and understanding end users’ adoption factors. The project is the result of a two-year research collaboration, involving designers, engineers, curators, psychologists.

Image Credit: Open Books, Matthieu xxx / EPFL+ECAL Lab