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Submit your app to SIGGRAPH 2024 to showcase your work. Get feedback, cultivate new ideas, and make valuable contacts to help move your efforts forward. Whether your app uses augmented reality, high-end mobile gaming, computational photography, image manipulation, location-based gaming, content creation, or anything else mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, hybrids) can do, we invite you to submit your project to SIGGRAPH 2024’s Appy Hour.

How To Submit

Building a desirable future through computer graphics and interactive techniques starts with you and your contributions to and participation in SIGGRAPH 2024. We are excited that you are submitting your work for consideration.

Log into the submission portal, select the “Make a New Submission” tab, and select the Appy Hour form. To see the information you need to submit, view the sample submission form.

In particular, please be aware of this field:

One “representative image” of the opening screenshot of your app suitable for use on the conference web site and promotional materials. See Representative Image Guidelines.

For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see the “Uploading Files” tab in the Submissions FAQ.

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Each submission will be judged on five criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Novelty
  • Graphic attractiveness
  • Creativity
  • Technical achievement
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Upon Acceptance

  1. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection of your presentation in early May 2024 and receive an email from “” with a link to your work’s rights permission form within 72 hours of notification of acceptance of your work to the conference.

    Your representative image and text may be used for promotional purposes. Several SIGGRAPH 2024 programs will prepare preview videos of accepted content for pre-conference promotion, which may include a portion of the video you submitted for review. You may grant or deny us the ability to use the representative image and submitted video for these purposes on the ACM Rights Management form.

  2. When your ACM Rights Management Form has been delivered to ACM, you will then receive an email from “” with information about the preparation and delivery of your material to TAPS for publication.

    Please make sure that emails from “” and “” are part of the “allow list” in your email program so that you do not miss these email messages.The source (Word or LaTeX) of your abstract, as well as any supplemental materials, must be delivered to TAPS, ACM’s article production system. TAPS will generate the PDF and HTML5 versions of your abstract for publication in the ACM Digital Library. The TAPS-generated PDF of your abstract must be no more than two pages in length, including references.

    You must deliver your material to TAPS, resolve any formatting issues identified by TAPS or by the proceedings production editor, and approve your material for publication by Monday, 27 May 2024. If you cannot meet that deadline, you will not be allowed to present your material at SIGGRAPH 2024.

    Information about the preparation and delivery of your final material to TAPS also can be found at

  3. Complete Stage 2: Program Materials by Friday, 10 May 2024, which includes:
    • Review your submission to confirm or update the list of contributors(s), affiliation(s), and 50-word summary statement suitable for conference publicity.
    • Provide a valid ORCID identifier (ACM now requires that all accepted contributors register and provide ACM with valid ORCID identifiers prior to publication.) Corresponding contributors are responsible for collecting these ORCID identifiers from co-contributors and providing them to ACM as part of the ACM eRights selection process.
    • You and your co-contributors can create and register your ORCID identifier at ACM only requires you to complete the initial ORCID registration process. However, ACM encourages you to take the additional step to claim ownership of all of your published works via the ORCID site.
    • Submit a 30-second pre-recorded video summarizing your app’s key contributions. This video may be used for promotional trailers. The video must adhere to the following specifications:
      • Quicktime .mov format required, H.264 codec export
      • 29.97 FPS
      • 16:9 aspect ratio
      • 30-second duration maximum (shorter than 30 seconds is acceptable, but not longer)
      • Musical background audio track, without vocals, that you have permissions to use in this video
  4. In-Person Presentation

    If your Appy Hour submission is accepted, the contributor must:

    • Attend and present your app on-site at SIGGRAPH 2024 in Denver.At SIGGRAPH 2024 accepted submitters will show their work during Appy Hour, where participants will have the opportunity to see your work displayed, and you will have the opportunity to network with other app developers, gaming companies, etc.

      Registration and travel costs to attend SIGGRAPH 2024 are at your own expense.

  5. Presenter Recognition

    Contributor Registration Benefit: One contributor per accepted Appy Hour receives a 100% complimentary Experience registration. To present your work in the SIGGRAPH 2024 Appy Hour program, contributors must be registered at the Experience registration level and above.

    You will receive an email by early June explaining how to access the registration discount code as well as instructions for registering. The contributor using the discount code is eligible for the early-bird registration rate regardless of when registration is completed. Any additional contributors that will be attending the Appy Hour program are also required to register at the appropriate registration level for the program, and prevailing registration rates will apply.

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All deadlines are 22:00 UTC/GMT unless otherwise noted.

21 February 2024, 22:00 UTC/GMT
Submission deadline.

Early May 2024
Acceptance or rejection notices are sent to all submitters.

10 May 2024

  • Deadline to make any changes to materials for publication on the website.
  • Deadline for the 30-second pre-recorded video that will be used for promotional purposes.

27 May 2024

  • Two-page abstract delivered to TAPS. If we do not receive your two-page abstract by 27 May, you will not be allowed to present at SIGGRAPH 2024.

26 July 2024
Official publication date for the ACM Digital Library

Please Note: The official publication date is the date the proceedings are made available in the ACM Digital Library. This date may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of your conference. The official publication date affects the deadline for any patent filings related to published work. (For those rare conferences whose proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library after the conference is over, the official publication date remains the first day of the conference.)

28 July–1 August 2024
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado

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