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The International Center, managed by the International Resources Committee (IRC), serves as a venue for supporting international connection. First, discover the information you need to travel to SIGGRAPH 2024, including details on visas and frequently asked questions.

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Apply For A Visa

U.S. visa requirements can present some challenges. Find out if you need a visa to travel to SIGGRAPH 2024 in Denver.

Most Countries

Citizens and residents of most countries in the world must have a visa to enter the United States. If you travel on documents from one of those countries, you must apply for a visa long before you fly to Denver. The application is online. You must pay a fee and meet with a person at the nearest US Consul General office, who will ask to see a support letter from SIGGRAPH 2024.

Due to the fact that an application for a visa can be a lengthy process, SIGGRAPH 2024 recommends that you start your visa-application process as early as possible prior to the conference. If you have specific questions, please visit: US Department of State Information About US Visas.

Invitation Letter (Letter of Recognition)

You must register for SIGGRAPH 2024 before you can request or receive an invitation letter (or letter of recognition). If you register online, and reside outside of the United States, you will automatically receive your letter of invitation in the confirmation email after you complete your registration. If you register by postal or courier service or fax, please request a letter of invitation directly from our conference registration team.

If you have questions regarding your letter, or need to request one, please contact conference registration at: registration-s2024@siggraph.org.

Visa Refusal

SIGGRAPH supports the international community and wants visitors to feel safe and assured when traveling to the conference. If you are refused entry, and you can provide appropriate documentation, SIGGRAPH will refund your registration with no penalty. This is something SIGGRAPH conferences have always done for those who have had their visas refused. For this and other questions, please contact conference registration at: registration-s2024@siggraph.org.

Health & Safety

Your health and safety is a priority for SIGGRAPH 2024. SIGGRAPH 2024 is following local COVID-19 guidelines related to vaccination, masking, and testing. Please visit the Health & Safety page for the latest information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out if I need a visa to attend?

We provide basic visa information, but if you have specific questions that are not answered there, please see the US Department of State visa guidelines.

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I need an invitation letter to apply for a visa. How can I request one?

You must register for SIGGRAPH 2024 before you can request or receive a letter of invitation. If you register by postal or courier service or fax, please request a letter of invitation directly from our conference registration team and provide your registration confirmation number.

Registration Information

If you register online and didn’t receive an invitation letter with your registration, you can contact registration at registration-s2024@siggraph.org.

Please contact the SIGGRAPH 2024 International Resources Chair if you have questions about the visa-invitation procedure.

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What kind of translation support can an international attendee or contributor receive at SIGGRAPH 2024?

During the conference week, Student Volunteers and the International Resources Committee (who are fluent in many languages) are available to help with basic translation questions, along with answering questions and problems that may arise for attendees. However, the students are not available to act as personal interpreters for any of the conference programs. At SIGGRAPH 2024, visit the International Center.

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How can I find out if other people from my country or region are attending SIGGRAPH 2024?

During the conference, the International Center is a good meeting place, as it is specifically designed to provide a comfortable area to network and meet other international attendees. The International Resources Committee also organizes regional sessions dedicated to sharing a glimpse into the state of the Interactive Techniques and CG industry around the globe  and provides English review services.

Prior to the conference, you can contact your local ACM SIGGRAPH chapter and inquire about possible meetups or get-togethers happening during SIGGRAPH. Check back here for chapters in your area.

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I am flying internationally. How early should I leave for the Denver Airport when I depart?

Most airlines require that you check in around three hours in advance for international flights. You should contact your airline for more specific information.

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Where can I exchange currency?

There are many currency exchange facilities in Denver, and at the airports. Most banks exchange currency as do a number of travel centers in the city.

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