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The Future of Real-Time Rendering

In this episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair Andrés Burbano sits down with Natalya Tatarchuk, chief technology officer at Activision and frequent SIGGRAPH contributor. Tune in for an exciting conversation that will leave you feeling inspired to be part of the next era of computer graphics and real-time rendering. Read More
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Motion Capture, Machine Learning, and AI

Looking for some inspiration before you submit your groundbreaking work to the SIGGRAPH 2024 Real-Time Live! program? Embark on a creative deep dive with the team behind SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! selection “Suit Up: AI MoCap”, and discover how their marker-based method pushed the boundaries of motion capture. Read More
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The Essence of Animation

SIGGRAPH 2024 is thrilled to welcome double-Academy Award winner, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Soul Machines, and Director of the Laboratory for Animate Technologies at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute Dr. Mark Sagar to the keynote stage this July. Before you hear from Sagar at SIGGRAPH 2024, learn more about him and his work on…
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SIGGRAPH 2024 Seeks Inventive, Imaginative Content for Next Age of Computer Graphics

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE30 January 2024 Media Contact:Marketing & Media Officemedia@siggraph.org   photo by Vib Soundrarajah © 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH SIGGRAPH 2024 Seeks Inventive, Imaginative Content for Next Age of Computer Graphics CHICAGO—After celebrating 50 years of SIGGRAPH conferences in August 2023, SIGGRAPH 2024 is at the precipice of the next half century of computer graphics…
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Advancing 3D Facial Technology

The ACM SIGGRAPH Blog team sat down with Qixuan Zhang, a member of the group behind the magic of “DreamFace,” a tool for generating personalized 3D faces. Check out this blog to learn how the team turned their dream into the next AR reality, and get inspired for your own Technical Papers submission.  Read More
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Manipulating Games in Real Time

As we close out the year, let's rewind to some of the incredible content presented at SIGGRAPH 2023. Check out this replay of the Talk "Using Pre-visualization to Bring HBO's 'The Last of Us' to Life." Listen in to discover advancements in pre-visualization, and tune into the audience Q&A.  Read More
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Discovering New Research Point By Point

There is no rain on the CG parade. SIGGRAPH sat down with first author Rui Xu to shed light on the fascinating research behind the SIGGRAPH 2023 Technical Paper "Globally Consistent Normal Orientation for Point Clouds by Regularizing the Winding-number Field.” Try not to get blown away as you discover the inspiration behind their work,…
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Visions for the Future of Computer Graphics

SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair Andres Burbano hosts a conversation with four members of the SIGGRAPH 2024 Committee — Nicolas Henchoz (Global Diplomat), Emily Hsu (Real-Time Live! Chair), Şölen Kiratli (Art Gallery Co-Chair), and Mohumagadi Moruti (Art Gallery Co-Chair) — to discuss their visions for a desirable and ideal future for computer graphics and interactive techniques.…
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Congratulations to the award-winning papers that took home the SIGGRAPH 2023 Technical Papers program Best Papers, Honorable Mentions, and the new ACM SIGGRAPH award, Test-of-Time! These papers were selected for their research prominence and new contributions toward the future of research. Get a closer look at the award-winning papers and honorable mentions, but first, watch…
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