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Industry enthusiasts gather for graphics-related, attendee-organized, informational Birds of a Feather sessions focused on the most prominent industry topics of tomorrow. Birds of a Feather sessions are attendee-organized.

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Submit to Birds of a Feather

BOF events provide a casual atmosphere for conference attendees to gather, exchange ideas and share information and are either a presentation or a meet-up.

BOFs Presentations share non-commercial information with like-minded participants via a presentation of speaker(s) or panelists. BOF Meet-ups provide a place for attendees to gather and have informal discussions with others who have interests in the same topic.

All participants, including organizers and presenters, must be registered at the Experience or Full Conference levels to participate.

To be considered a BOF, events must be:

  • Related to computer graphics and/or interactive techniques
  • Open to all registered SIGGRAPH 2024 attendees (are exceptions for reunions and other social functions)
  • Non-commercial in nature (topics specific to one commercial product or company are not allowed)
  • Free of recruitment, sales, product tutorials or company promotion
  • Free of charge (exceptions for social functions)

SIGGRAPH 2024 Birds of a Feather are non-juried content but are subject to a review and approval process.

Questions? Please contact for additional information.

Types of BOF Submissions

Each BOF will be required to select the type of content that is to be presented upon submission.

Birds of a Feather Presentation: The purpose of these BOFs is to share non-commercial information with like-minded participants via a presentation of speaker(s) or panelists.

Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: The purpose of these BOFs is to gather informally and have a discussion with others who have interests in the same topic.

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BOF Submission Information

  • All BOF requests are submitted through the BOF submission system. BOF submissions close 1 July.
  • BOFs begin 28 July when the conference opens and can be scheduled through 1 August.
  • Time slots are first-come, first-served.
  • There is no charge for use of the meeting rooms in the convention center.
  • BOF sessions per submitter/organizer in the convention center can be no longer than four hours, including setup and teardown. Longer BOF sessions may be held in one of the SIGGRAPH 2024 official hotels.
  • Submitters/organizers are limited to a maximum of two, four-hour sessions in the convention center.
  • Listings for sessions from the same submitter/organizer in the same sequential time will be posted as one BOF session and not listed as individual sessions.
  • All costs related to BOFs at the Colorado Convention Center or a hotel are the responsibility of the organizer.
  • Assignments, including the rooms with pre-set AV, are made on a first-come, first served basis.
  • We recommend that you check the conference website to avoid selecting a time that conflicts with keynote speakers. These sessions are always popular and could impact the attendance at your presentation/event.
  • Setup and Teardown is limited to 30 minutes in the convention center rooms. If you are in a hotel, expanded time is available. BOF room sets in the convention center are permanent and cannot be changed. If your BOF requires a set different than what is provided in the convention center select a hotel as your preferred location.
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If your request is approved, you will receive an email acknowledgment within two weeks that includes all necessary detail and planning information. BOFs located in hotels will receive a confirmed room assignment at that time. BOFs held in the convention center will receive a room assignment three weeks prior to the conference.

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Audio Visual/Video Taping

There will be two BOF rooms in the convention center set with a microphone, LCD and screen at no cost to organizers. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Indicate on your BOF submission if you are interested in a pre-set room.

For other convention center and hotel BOF rooms, organizers must provide their own AV set. Organizers may use their own or order through the contact provided in the BOF confirmation. Any charges are the responsibility of the organizer.

BOFs can be recorded using the following guidelines:

  • If only the presenters are being recorded, the organizer needs to handle getting permission directly from all presenters. SIGGRAPH will not be involved in gathering these permissions.
  • If the audience is being recorded, the organizer either needs to get signed permissions from all audience members, or provide signage at the door telling attendees that they are being recorded by the organizers, not SIGGRAPH, for this session.
  • SIGGRAPH will not include these recordings in their virtual platform.
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ASCAP and BMI are membership associations of U.S. composers, songwriters, and publishers of every kind of music. Whenever music (recorded or live) is played at an event, a license must be purchased from these associations. The license purchase is the responsibility of the organizer and not the venue where the event is to be held.

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Exhibitor Meeting Space

Exhibitors cannot request BOFs for commercial presentations. Contact for commercial presentations.

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